Sustainable Philosophy

We at W.S. Cumby believe that sustainable business practices make good business sense. Efficiently using and managing natural resources not only improves bottom lines, but also helps shape the future in a positive manner for future generations.

Business Practices

Green business practices benefit both the environment and your bottom line. If implemented properly, they reduce energy consumption, water use, waste generation, and greenhouse gas emissions. W.S. Cumby has developed a culture focused on doing business in a more resource efficient and environmentally responsible manner. To date, we have implemented the following initiatives:

  • Adopted a Corporate Statement on Sustainability in 2002
  • Purchased and renovated the region’s first LEED Certified building for our home office
  • Generate 40% of home office electricity from on-site photovoltaics
  • Educate our staff
    • Nearly 100% of company executives, estimators, project managers and project engineers are LEED Accredited Professionals with specialty in Building Design & Construction
  • Purchase responsibly by creating a Green and Local Procurement Plan
  • Eliminated the use of toxic chemicals through a Green Cleaning Plan
  • Implemented a Waste Reduction Plan
  • Lessen our carbon footprint by encouraging employees to utilize tele-commuting, work-at home and flex-time options

Green Project Delivery

At W.S. Cumby, we know green building. Green and High Performance buildings provide economic benefits to owners through energy savings, reduced operating costs and increased real estate values, health benefits to occupants through better indoor environmental quality, and ecological benefits to everyone through the efficient use of natural resources and the protection of valuable ecosystems.

Our partnership approach and hands-on expertise in the planning and construction of green buildings has helped meet the sustainability and efficiency goals of our clients for over 14 years.

To fulfill our commitment of delivering higher performing and greener buildings, we have included many sustainable construction management practices into our standard operating procedures. These include:

  • Life Cycle Cost and ROI Analysis of innovative and efficient systems and products
  • Green Cost Database for budget development
  • Construction Waste Management on every project
  • Construction Indoor Air Quality Management on every project
  • Weekly Green Jobsite Inspection and reporting on every project
  • LEED specific Compliance and Certification processes as standard practice
    • LEED submission preparation
    • Material compliance reviews
    • Subcontractor training
    • Green-specific construction scheduling and sequencing

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